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11:00 AM Forum CCLM: RE: ERROR CODE is 8053 NetCDF: Invalid dimension ID or name
COSMO-5.05 is not supported by the CLM-Community. It has not been tested yet for climate purposes and it lacks sever...


03:55 PM Forum CCLM: RE: Restart does not work
This is due to a typo in the model code. It is eliminated in 5.0_clm13.


03:55 PM Forum CCLM: RE: surface evaporation (AEVAP_S)
In COSMO it is convention that fluxes to the surface are in general positive, fluxes from the surface are negative.


05:10 PM Forum INT2LM: RE: "Int2lm" error with starter "cclm-sp_2.7.tgz" on mistral
I cannot see any error in the namelist settings. Have you tried irefatm=2? Does this give the same error?
The warnin...


11:06 PM Forum CCLM: RE: NaN values in YUPRMASS etc
I run a test on 0.12 for your San Francisco region with cosmo_131108_5.00_clm10. I encountered no problems.
Please f...


07:35 PM Forum CCLM: RE: NaN values in YUPRMASS etc
There are several differences to the 0.11 version I use, see the attached YUSPECIF and compare it with yours. However...
06:29 PM Forum CCLM: RE: NaN values in YUPRMASS etc
Can you provide the related YUSPECIF file, too? Which versions of CCLM and INT2LM do you use?


04:57 PM Forum CCLM: RE: NaN values in YUPRMASS etc
Adhoc I see that you use @itype_gscp=4@ for the 0.12 simulation. I do not know if this namelist setting works for su...


01:57 PM Forum General Questions: RE: Output variables not found in the GRIB table
The GRIBOUT definitions seem to be fine. However, you used output file format ytunit='f' instead of ytunit='d'. I am ...
09:59 AM Forum General Questions: RE: ERA5 for nesting
CAF files for 2010-2016 have already been produced. Presently a test simulation is running in order to find eventuall...

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