ncrcat function with COSMO-CLM 5

Added by Vladimir Platonov almost 8 years ago

Dear colleagues,
I have a problem with postprocessing my output files. I make, for example, as usually,

ncrcat -h -O -v T_2M lffd??????????.nc

It results in:
ncrcat: WARNING Record coordinate time has a "units" attribute but NCO was built without UDUnits. NCO is therefore unable to detect and correct for inter-file unit re-basing issues. See for more information.
ncrcat: HINT Re-build or re-install NCO enabled with UDUnits.

The file was created, but it doesn’t contain lat and lon variables (geographical latitude and longitude), rlat and rlon only (rotated latitude and longitude). I have proofed this command with my output files from COSMO-CLM previous version, and there is the same WARNING, cited above, but there are no problems with lat and lon variables. My NCO version is 4.3.7, maybe it should be updated? Could you suggest, where the problem may be yet?
Thank you!

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RE: ncrcat function with COSMO-CLM 5 - Added by Burkhardt Rockel almost 8 years ago

In case your time coordinate is fine, the warning regarding UDUnits does not matter.
Regarding lon,lat it may be that your NCO version does not check the coordinates attribute. If you want the lon,lat to be in the output file you may force to include them by modifying your ncrcat (version 4.3.7) command as follows:

ncrcat -h -O -v T_2M,lon,lat lffd??????????.nc

I made a test at DKRZ, NCO version 4.4.2 should check the coordinate attribute.

    float T_2M(time, height_2m, rlat, rlon) ;
        T_2M:standard_name = "air_temperature" ;
        T_2M:long_name = "2m temperature" ;
        T_2M:units = "K" ;
        T_2M:grid_mapping = "rotated_pole" ;
        T_2M:coordinates = "lon lat" ;