Climatology file for int2lm

Added by Hossein Mashayekh 4 months ago

Dear all,

We are using the int2lm tool to create forcings for the CCLM model. In the input directory, there is a file named “”, which obviously has a horizontal resolution of 0.22 degrees.
After some unsuccessful tests, we guess that in order to create higher resolution forcings, we need the same file with higher resolution. Is this correct? If so, the second question would be how/where to download/create this file.

With best regards,
Hossein Mashayekh

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RE: Climatology file for int2lm - Added by Sven Karsten about 1 month ago

Dear all,

we still have the same problem. We would like to create forcings with the int2lm tool for the CCLM model. We have a running version with a specific domain and resolution (Eurocordex, 0.22°x0.22°) but now we want to modify either the resolution, the domain or both. For that purpose we tried to change the namelist parameters “ielm_tot”, “jelm_tot”, “dlon”, “dlat”, “startlat_tot” and “startlon_tot” in the LMGRID block in the INPUT file of the int2lm tool. However, we then get the following error in the stdout:

 *              IN ROUTINE:   int2lm_org
 *    ERROR CODE is         1111
 *     ERROR   *** Climate grid decomposition failed ***

We guess we have to modify the file specified via the namelist parameter “ylmext_lfn” as well (what we called climatology file in the last post). Unfortunately we still could not find out how to modify this file correctly or how to get a correct version for our domain.

With best regards,
Sven Karsten and Hossein Mashayekh

RE: Climatology file for int2lm - Added by Ronny Petrik about 1 month ago

Hello Sven and Hossein,

as you need an external parameter file consistent to your computational domain, you are not free to modify “dlon”, “dlat”, “startlat_tot” and “startlon_tot”. You can only try to change ielm_tot and jelm_tot to be smaller. For everything else you need a new external parameter file. The coordinates of the center points in the external parameter file have to be the same as the points of the model domain except for the spatial extent (the external parameter file should have at least 3 grid lines more than the model domain).