ERA5 data 2021

Added by Gesa Eirund 5 months ago

Dear CLM community,

I would like to extend my current COSMO hindcast up to the end of 2021 and am downloading ERA5 forcing data for INT2LM from DKRZ at the moment. I saw that 2021 is currently only available until October, hence I wanted to ask if the last two months are planned to be added soon or if this would still take a bit? In the former I would wait until its available, otherwise I would run without the last two months.

I would be very happy to get an update on this. Thanks very much and best regards,


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RE: ERA5 data 2021 - Added by Burkhardt Rockel 5 months ago

The processing of the data depends on when the DKRZ provides the original ERA5 data (the processing of caf/cas data files are one month behind of this). Presently the original data under
is available only until November. DKRZ transfer is mostly 3 month behind. Therefore I assume they will transfer the data for December 2021 in March 2021.

RE: ERA5 data 2021 - Added by Gesa Eirund 5 months ago

Great, thanks for the info! Then I’ll wait for the data at DKRZ.