Possible error with sigma coordinates

Added by Johann Züger about 6 years ago

I have some problems when using hybride sigma-pressure coordinates with int2lm_131101_2.00_clm4. Values of vcoord in the resulting NetCDF files always are in meter and not in sigma values. Maybe there is an error in routine src_lm_output.f90 in line 3206. This statment sets zvcoord to vcoord%vert_coord - in my opinion this should be vcoord%sigm_coord.
Best regards, Johann

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RE: Possible error with sigma coordinates - Added by Burkhardt Rockel about 6 years ago

I am afraid you need to change everything regarding ivctype=1 by your own, since using ivctype=1 is no longer recommended from int2lm_1.22 onwards (see below). Using ivctype=1 is on your own risk.

In the Documentation int2lm_1.22.htm under 5. Changes of the Nameless it reads:

ivctype Changed the default value from 1 to 2: because ivctype=1 should not be used any more.

There is also a warning in the model
    PRINT *, ' *** -------------------------------------------- ***'
    PRINT *, ' *** WARNING: ivctype = 1  is no longer supported ***'
    PRINT *, ' *** WARNING:   !!! use at your own risk !!!      ***'
    PRINT *, ' *** WARNING:   defaults have been changed        ***'
    PRINT *, ' *** WARNING:   you have to define vcoord etc.    ***'
    PRINT *, ' *** WARNING:     by yourself in the namelist     ***'
    PRINT *, ' *** -------------------------------------------- ***'