int2lm crashes with lprog_qi=.FALSE. but QI data available in caf-files

Added by Andreas Dobler almost 6 years ago

When I run int2lm (int2lm_131101_2.00_clm4) with input from MPI-ESM-LR (from DKRZ: /hpss/doku/ik0555/DKRZ_LTA_555_ds00001/cordex/MPI-ESM-LR/historical_r1i1p1/CCLM/) and set lprog_qi=.FALSE., the program crashes with (see crash_out_int2lm_1968010100.out incl. traceback):
OPEN: ncdf-file: /work/dobler/COSMO/int2lm/input/
forrtl: severe (408): fort: (2): Subscript #3 of the array P3 has value 1 which is greater than the upper bound of -1

When I set lprog_qi=.TRUE. or remove QI from the caf-file (ncks -x -v QI input/caf1968010100.nc_orig input/ the problem is solved.

Is this reproducible on other machines, e.g., on mistral?

The job file with the whole set-up is attached.

Best regards