Restart does not work

Added by Johann Züger over 2 years ago

I wanted to run CLM-v5.0_clm12 for the EU-165 domain and tried to use a restart file, but the model crashes imidiately with a segmentation fault (invalid memory reference) in module src_input at line 995. I insertet a few print comands and found out that the paramter listin(j2)%idimvert goes crazy for some unknown reason. The last variable working properly is ASWDIR_SN. After that listin(j2)%idimvert has a value of 11800008, the listin(j2)%name shows “ASWDIR_SNObb src” and the index for the vertical level starts to count up. did anyone face similar probles when using restart files?

log log 85.4 KB model printout
run_eu165 run_eu165 7.47 KB run script

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RE: Restart does not work - Added by Burkhardt Rockel over 2 years ago

This is due to a typo in the model code. It is eliminated in 5.0_clm13.