problems with cclm4.8 runs cfl criterion and NaNs

Added by Michael Haller over 4 years ago

Dear colleagues,

I´m facing a problem with NaNs in all fields after the first time step together with a violation of CFL-criterion. I am aware, that this has already been the topic here, but my model setup is different.
I use the clm4.8_clm18 Version together with int2lm1.1_clm14 on the Cray-40 of DWD and MIROC5 data as input for 2.8km run. I attached some Output and Setup files in a tar-archive. The Output of int2lm seem to be ok, as well as the data in YUCHKDAT.
I already reduced the time step from 25 to 20 s, but that did not help. Maybe there is a problem already in the compilation?
Does anyone has an idea?

Best regards,


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RE: problems with cclm4.8 runs cfl criterion and NaNs - Added by Hans-Juergen Panitz over 4 years ago

Hi Michael,

have a look at your P0-profile (YUSPECIF). It is nonsens.
About 500 hPa in about 900 m heihgt, and then constant P0 above 9800 m!!
Thus, the problem must already be in the INT2LM setup

The file “OUTPUT” in your tar-file: generally a file with this name comes from INT2LM (compared to CCLM it is the “YUSPEFIC” pendant).
But the file in your tar-file is certainly not from INT2LM.

With respect to MIROC forcing: ask Christian Steger; he applied MIROC in thge REKLIES project.
Perhaps, he can give you some advices.
What is the resolution of MIROC? Do you really want to perform a direct downscaling form the GCM scale to the 2.8 km scale?