missing levels in restart file

Added by Trang Pham almost 8 years ago

Hi all,

My CCLM job ran for 1 year, created the restart file. But then it could not read that restart file and gave the error below. I have no idea why some levels and variables are missing. Anyone could help?

  • Not all variables / levels could be read for restart data *** * The following levels are missing: *
    DQVDT , level: 32 F
    DQVDT , level: 33 F
    DQVDT , level: 34 F
    DQVDT , level: 35 F
    DQVDT , level: 36 F
    DQVDT , level: 37 F
    DQVDT , level: 38 F
    DQVDT , level: 39 F
    DQVDT , level: 40 F
    QVSFLX , level: 1 F
    QRS , level: 1 F
    QRS , level: 2 F
    QRS , level: 3 F


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RE: missing levels in restart file - Added by Andreas Will almost 8 years ago

Hello Trang,
one opportunity is that the restart file in incomplete due to e.g. storage space problems.
I would like to suggest to reproduce the problem by simulating 48 h and specifying the writing of the restart file and restarting the model after 24h.
If this works, I have no idea, why it could fail after 1 year.
Did you write the restart files after each month?

Greetings, Andreas

RE: missing levels in restart file - Added by Trang Pham almost 8 years ago

Hi Andreas,

Thanks for the reply. I am not sure if it is the space problem, I still now can copy more files into my directory, I guess it would mean that I still have space . I unfortunately just make restart for each year because my ocean model is restarted each year as well. And this incomplete restart file happened not only one time for me. I tried before to run several times, exactly the same job, and I received different sized restart files.