Arctic CORDEX COSMO-CLM simulations data

Added by Vladimir Platonov almost 2 years ago

Dear colleagues, I’m interesting for the Arctic CORDEX domain COSMO-CLM simulation data based on the ERA-Interm forcing. As I have known from the CORDEX site, there were different approaches within Arctic CORDEX project for the COSMO-CLM including nesting simulations with 0.44 and ~0.1 grid size. I would like to compare my simulation results over Arctic area with COSMO-CLM Arctic CORDEX data. Arctic CORDEX site provided a few links to different data storages including ESGF infrastructure, Impact and Regional Data Portals, ans some Individual Institutions sources. I have searched through these data sources and unfortunately, didn’t find any COSMO-CLM simulation results according to the Arctic CORDEX domain.
Therefore, I decided to ask for help on RedS Forum, because, as I know, there are some CORDEX data on the DKRZ, and the CLM-Community is (or was) involved into the CORDEX initiative. I would be grateful, if you could recommend where could I get an access to the COSMO-CLM Arctic CORDEX data (if I really could get this access) in the most suffucient way, and what I need to do to get it. I would be also very grateful, if you could get any information about the namelist settings according to the Arctic CORDEX COSMO-CLM model configuration.
Thank a lot for any information, suggestions and hints!

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RE: Arctic CORDEX COSMO-CLM simulations data - Added by Burkhardt Rockel over 1 year ago

As far as I can see from the CORDEX Arctic web pages
only the group of Günther Heinemann (University of Trier) has performed simulations over the CORDEX Arctic domain. Maybe you can contact them directly.