methane fluxes in COSMO

Added by Iya Belova over 2 years ago

Dear colleagues,

Could you tell me, please, is it possible to somehow explicitly set methane fluxes in COSMO-CLM modeling?
Maybe there is such an option in TERRA-URB or COSMO-ART?

Kind regards,
Iya Belova

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RE: methane fluxes in COSMO - Added by Mariano Mertens over 2 years ago

Dear Iya Belova,

could you please describe in more details what your goal/plans are with setting methane fluxes?

If you are interested in simulating of atmospheric methane concentrations this is not directly possible with COSMO-CLM, but you could do this for example with COSMO-CLM/MESSy (for which you would need an additional license).
There you could either prescribe methane concentration at the lowest boundary or setting explicitly flux conditions for methane. For the chemical sink of methane you could either run the “full” atmospheric chemistry set or a parametrized methane chemistry, using prescribed concentrations of reaction partners.

Mariano Mertens

RE: methane fluxes in COSMO - Added by Iya Belova over 2 years ago

Dear Mariano Mertens,

Thank you very much for your answer.
We would like to measure real concentrations and fluxes of methane and compare our simulations with and without real methane concentrations and/or fluxes.

Kind regards,
Iya Belova