ERA-Interim soil levels

Added by Rolf Zentek over 5 years ago


I noticed that the ERA-Interim caf files for INT2LM on mistral changed their soil depth.
The new starter package is also adjusted to this (\chain\extensions\boundary_data\erainterim\templates\int2lm.job.tmpl).
v2.1: czml_soil_in=0.015, 0.1, 0.405, 1.205,
v2.2: czml_soil_in=0.035, 0.175, 0.64, 1.775,

I did simulations for 2002-2015 (with the old caf files) and wanted to start simulating the first part of 2016. So I have two questions.

1. Does anyone know why the change was made and if the resulting temperature and moisture on the CCLM grid will be the same (up to 1.2m)? (I use the 7 (or is it 8?) default layers)

2. Why is ke_soil_in always one smaller than the number of layers?


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RE: ERA-Interim soil levels - Added by Merja Tölle over 5 years ago

To 1.
Hans-Juergen Panitz found this mistake that the soil depth was wrong. So that is why it was corrected. I cannot tell if the resulting temperature and moisture will be the same, but you can quickly check that yourself. If you type ncdump -V soil1 on a caf file you will see the values of the layers.

To 2.
ke_soil_in are the levels, and czml_soil_in is the depth of the layers.